Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Plants and things!

I was doing my morning chores outside and thought that I should take a couple of photos for saving, then I thought that you might enjoy something from someone who doesn't have that white stuff hanging around. So I took a few more, enjoy!
I have forgotten the name of this little ground orchid but they sure are pretty this time of the year, they don't last but a few days.
When the blossom dies it is replaced by this large leaf plant but even this plant doesn't last a long time but now is the only time it is possible to locate them for transplanting if so desired. 
This plant came from seeds from a neighbor, I don't think they knew the name of it.
The plant will grow anywhere the seeds fall.
Funny but all the different colors came from the seeds from one plant's pods, there is one plant that the blossoms are all white.
It will popup most anywhere.
Spinach is doing real good, we are having to water, it is the dry season. Just about every morning there is nablina, clouds on the ground plus fog and mist but not enough to completely satisfy the plants need for water.
The jade plants got moved into the garden area until I can figure out where to put them so they are as happy as they are in the garden area.
The lima bean plant is starting to do well, it had a leaf fungus for a short time. I don't know if this problem is caused by the amount of moisture we get here or what but the good thing is I have good natural sprays that I can apply as often as weekly to clear it up plus the spay also has a foliage fertilizer which helps over come the stress caused by the fungus.
Here is an example of what being lazy and in a hurry can cause. this tomato plant was growing fast and falling over so in my haste to get by I just stuck these sticks in the soil rather than go and get my tomato cage and put it in place (I put the cage in place after I took the photo).
Hey, there is a tomato in there! I suckered the two tomato plants and removed all but 4 main stalks so I can keep the plants under control, not allowing them to get excessive like they have done before.
It is a beautiful day, I may get out and take more photos and post them. There are a few plants that are in need of transplanting and the wind isn't bad so I can spray and water in areas where I couldn't yesterday.
Oh, I am looking to come up with a format that allows me to post large photos and not crowd the side information and followers.

       Art Sulenski
So much to do so little time!

Tickle it with a hoe and it will laugh into a garden....