Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roof, Roof, Roof!

Hooray! We have a roof over the garden!!!!

Ain’t it great? Notice the wood strips we used to keep the screw heads from pulling thru the poly sheets. Back behind us is a chicken farm, last year they had several sheets of metal roofing blow off the chicken building. I thought for some time about that and the fact that I didn’t want that problem with the poly sheets, they aren’t cheap. Tomorrow I will install the chicken wire and maybe the windbreak cloth. Next week, the planting of the first seeds (well maybe a little before that, after all this time who can wait???? Of course I’ll post more photos of the chicken fencing and the wind break. I did look very close at the amount of sun light getting thru the poly sheeting compared to the amount with no poly. That was a major concern. So many folks told me that it wouldn’t work that there wouldn’t be enough sunlight getting thru to grow veggies, well I now am sure they were wrong. Of course the proof will be in what does or doesn’t grow but that is the case with any endeavor to do with gardening. Soon I’ll take photos of a sun rise thru the garden area to give you an idea of the orientation of the garden. Next week will begin the starting of seeds in the window greenhouse.

The greenhouse faces east-southeast, it will get great morning sun and as the sun gets hot it will be filtered thru the tree outside the greenhouse. With the tree and the back open it never gets super hot, there is now a water spigot next to the greenhouse on the left.

Can you find all six of the chompipes in the two photos?

They almost disappear don’t they?

And of course one of our helpers, what would be a day without our furry friends. Samonia is a good helper but she keeps dropping her hammer J. Others have come out and gone back in, too much work for them (they know where the food dish is)!
More update and photos tomorrow.

Sorry about this but my internet provider has been messed up and my blog wouldn’t load, so I hope you enjoy this as late as it is, hopefully my next posting will be on time. Art

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