Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chickens and chicks, yes we've got em!

I have been asked how the chickens and young chicks are doing so I thought a few photos would be the best way for me to answer. Even though the rainy seasons has slowed the winds are still making it hard to get good photos. With my recent medical issues I cannot spend much time in the cool weather and the wind so I haven’t even tried to take photos. Today it is still windy but fairly warm so here is a little photo update of the flock.

Here is a good photo of the yard boss, Juan, and one of the young pullets. Juan has filled out very nice as is the pullet.

Juan, the black beauty (don’t know what to call her) 2 of the young pullets and 1 of the young chicks.

A fair photo of the black beauty.

This really shows some of her awesome markings.

The best side shot I manage today.

A few of the 10 week old chicks, some are getting to be a nice size. You can just see part of Momma PJ’s head in the brooder pin, there were several of her eggs and others in the nest when she started setting, it will be interesting to see what comes forth when they hatch soon.

Another older pullet, nice size.

One of the pullets that had to have her wing clipped.

The light green leaves are on the golden dewdrops, the chickens, chicks and guineas spend a lot of time under them when the winds blow like today and also when it is raining. You can’t see her here but one of the pullets is under the golden dewdrop behind the orange pullet.

The chickens and the chicks are doing great on the fermented feed. Some of the pullets have started to lay eggs which for pullets are large; the yokes are a nice bright reddish orange, standing tall with whites that don’t run all over like store bought. The hens’ eggs are large to extra-large and of course have the same coloring and firmness. Good strong shells even from the pullets. It will be interesting to see the first eggs from the chicks in a few more weeks. I’m hoping they lay eggs similar to the black beauty hen, nice large eggs. As I’ve mentioned we plan to keep 10 of the chicks and one roo. Having to figure out which roo gets to be the daddy of future chicks will be the hard choice unless they both produce the good traits we are hoping for.

The garden has 2 tomatoes, 2 lima beans and 1 jalapeno growing, photos to come. I don’t know what happened to my bell peppers, they just didn’t sprout, I guess I’ll have to fix a hot house just to get the going. I need to do that soon.

Tickle it with a hoe and it will laugh into a garden....


  1. Enjoyed your new post today, Art.

    Maybe the chicken you are referring to as "Black Beauty' you could instead cal l'Flo' which would be short for 'Lava Flo'.

    The plumage on her neck down toward her breast looks a lot like a lava flow photographed at night when you see narrow streaks of orange (lava) with lots of flecks of black all over it where the surface of the flow is already cooling down.

    Since she kinda looks like a "Lava Flo' to me, I think 'Flo' for short would actually be suitable.

    (Maybe she could be encouraged to lay eggs that are already hard boiled!)


    Paul M.