Saturday, March 23, 2013

Where does time go?

I try to keep things up to date but with all the things going on sometimes time just seems to pass on by. I'm sure you remember the 36 chicks I got that were general purpose chicks.  
I was so happy that Mama PJ took them as her own. Did they ever grow!
They grew and grew and then some started to try to crow. well that was OK as what I was told they were a regular run chicks which should come out 50/50 pullets and cockerels. Well the person that told me didn't hear the person that told him right, they weren't 50/50 they turned out to be all cockerels. The freezer is full, some of our friends hide when they see me coming but all are gone except 1 and he isn't going to last next week. It was pure bedlam in the yard and coop. We had not planned on processing this many cockerels and couldn't process them all at once. The hens were so harassed that they all but quit laying. They were constantly on the run avoiding cockerels becoming roosters. I guess that I really need to improve my Spanish.
In the meantime our favorite silkie hen, Mama PJ went broody and hatched 10 eggs, some hers and some from the other hens helping her fill the nest box.
All 10 lived, 4 of the silkie chicks have already go new homes, the other 2 silkies (1 female, 1 male) are available for free adoption. The other 4 appear to be 3 pullets and 1 cockerel. If that be the case the 3 pullets are welcome to say the cockerel will either be up for adoption or will jump in the freezer.
One of the other new hens went broody and sat on 3 eggs, 1 hatched the other 2 weren't fertile. I went to town to the local granero and bought 6 meat chicks. That night we put those chicks in with the new mama and they scooted right under her. In the morning all 7 were running around very happily while mama clucked to them . Let me tell you she is one furious mama, all 7 chicks are well protected.
With all this happening 2 laptops got taken in and updated to Windows 7 Ultimate, one was real slooooow and the other needed mother board repairs. My friend from Wisconsin/Arizona came for a weeks visit, we had a good time. I got tired of trying to find a watering wand so I made one with an old shower head and PVC, works great and the plants love it. The weather has been awesome, I've been able to do my spraying/fertilizing as I want (the plants are showing the results). 
Well it is time to do some of my other chores. I am sorry for those who were waiting for some pullets, they can't be much more disappointed than we are.
I'll get busy and take some yard/chicken photos and post them this week. Till then you all take care and be well.


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