Saturday, November 20, 2010

I didn’t realize it been so long since I posted an update.

I guess most of you are aware of all the weather happenings here in Costa Rica. Most of the month has been a real mess. We had a short period of dry between heavy rains, in one 5 day period we received 3 feet of rain, yes, 3 feet in 5 days. A slide took out our main water line for a total of 9 days. We now have a water tank up in the carport for emergencies, it will last us over 5 days and more with us being conservative.

In between rains, Juan got some work done.

Juan was busy getting the ground level around the base of the garden, you see the foreman in the foreground making sure the work is done to her satisfaction.

You can see that the rain showed up one spot that needs to have a little more work to get rid of any standing water. Juan just has time to get the batter boards in place, not even one chalk line, before the next rain came. There will be 6 posts that will support the roof. The roof will extend out 40” past the edge of the garden to help keep the heavy rains from drowning the plants. I’m still thinking about a water storage system being that I’ll have to water the plants and rain water would be so much better than water from the county.

The Silkie hen is shown here sitting on 7 eggs. She choose to lay her eggs in a nest she made in the shaving litter I use in the chicken coop. every day that I let the chickens out I give her some cracked corn, she scolds me but then goes right after the cracked corn.

Here is a little fellow waiting for his dinner to come crawling by. We hope to see more of these around, we don’t use any poisons that would keep them from living here. These will keep the bugs out of the cat’s cage as the chickens don’t get in there.
More photos to come, ASAP

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