Thursday, September 30, 2010

News: new puppies, rain, rain & more rain!

The rain has halted work on the garden. Tuesday Juan and I went to Palmares to the coffee co-op and brought home 10 bags of abono (compost). We had the impression that the bags of abono were about 45 pounds, wrong, they are 46 kilos each. They sure made the ol' Amigo squat, best ride ever on the rough roads. Almost a 1,000 pounds behind the front seats, good load for the ol' thing. Juan has no way to get here, the autopista between his home and San Ramon is washed out as well as the road north to come the back way. He may make the trip tomorrow, the autopista should be open today. A mud slide broke the main water line between us and the lake that supplies our water, they think that will be fixed today as well. We have been catching rain water for in home use. 
We have two new puppies. Many have asked about what happens after we lost Bella, well the answer is above. These young fellas were just weaned. We thought having two would help keep them occupied and not whining at the door. They are very active, they have met the cats and chickens who are bigger than they are. They appear to all get along (as best as can be expected). Oh, their names, well so far the brown one is Buddy (Muddy Buddy) while his brother is Pal (Ol' Pal). Nothing exciting but easy to remember for those who have CRS!

Perhaps tomorrow we can do some work with the garden. Right now it is covered with a tarp to keep the rain water from washing out the nutrients in the compost already in there. 

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