Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Renewed Blog!

  It has been way too long for me to put up a new post. I could come up with many reasons for not updating but you've heard sorry excuses before. What I thought of and am changing on my blog besides adding to the name is adding new content in what would be called everyday life. I have been busy with emails about this and that and that is very time consuming what with me being a two finger typist. So what I am going to do is to add that to my blog. Not only will that keep me adding to the blog but also cut my time on emails. I will include the email that I have been sending about Miss Kitty and the two kittens, what is happening with the garden and all the other plantings going on. I’ll toss in just some general comments about daily living which I also send in emails to certain folks. As always folks are most welcome to post comments on the blog. It is easy to get an RSS feed to the blog for those who think it is worthwhile, for a little time I will send a quick email to my email list that a new post is up on the blog and the link to the blog. There is new anti-spam features on the blog system so you won’t have to worry about getting placed in a spam list when you post a reply. I do hope you enjoy the “improved” blog. All comments welcome.
 For those of you who have not read the story of the nearly blind Miss Kitty and the two kittens, send me a note and I will gladly send you the story, it is very moving.


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