Saturday, July 14, 2012

A First, Second Post This Week!

OK, here is a first, 2 updates on the blog in 2 days. Shocking isn’t it? Well it is the weekend, Saturday, and I’m thinking most folks won’t mind as I’ve taken some photos of our backyard to show how much things have grown since I started the blog and of course Miss Kitty and the kittens, Aly and Daniel (Caroline and Ginger snuck in for a few shots too). There are some shots which sort of show the garden but only because it is in the background; it is a mess as I am cleaning out more of the huge tomato plants hoping that the last two will keep providing some tomatoes.

This is part of the area just out our backdoor, the milk crate is covering a small rose plant to keep certain two kittens from mauling it. There is mint just behind the crate and to the left is doing great. Caroline tops it a few times a week and makes tea with it. She says that between the tea and ginger root it has helped her stomach a lot. On the left in front of the huge aloe is a begonia with the largest leaves I’ve ever seen on a begonia (only in Costa Rica).

On the left above the rocks are several caladiums, just center behind the rocks is more mint and up a little on the left is lemon mint, it is yummy. Back along the garden wire is ginger that is off to a good start. In the background the ol’ garden is still trying to produce a few tomatoes, I’m hoping I still can save some seeds for friends.

Looking east just beyond the fence is where the fellas play ball. I’m hoping to get a couple of rubber coated hard balls for them, the balls get wet a lot which ruins the leather, they end up taping the balls trying to keep them together. They can hit the ball way out to the big tree in the middle where the grass is very tall and wet.

In the middle against the fence is a butter fly pant which is doing very well and is attracting butter flies and a couple of hummers.

These Mapola trees/bushes will grow up to 5 meters and 5 meters wide which will make a good wind break for the garden so we can remove the white cloth, it has served its purpose and requires cleaning often with bleach. There’s Juan the rooster behind the clothes line post with a couple of our good hens.

This golden dewdrop is blooming and also has a few berries on it. If you look hard you can see the blooms (upper left) and berries (upper left and in the center).

Now you see why the crate is over the little rose (I uncovered it and sat the crate to the side to give it more sun).

Caroline and Ginger (she (ginger) is still a little camera shy). Notice Caroline has my garden clogs on! Je!,Je!,Je!
There are many more photos which I will post later this week. Hope you enjoy them.
So much to do so little time!

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