Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So Much To Do So Little Time!

Miss Kitty on her throne!
I guess I need to explain the title today. What has happened to me I imagine that has happened to so many. You retire and for a short time you wallow in the fact, “hey I’m retired, I don’t have to do a thing but enjoy my retirement”, well it doesn’t always work exactly that way. You sit and find that it is hard not to look around and see this little thing that could be done a little better. Then there is that spot in the yard that could use a bush or that other place that just needs a flower to brighten up that corner. You put in a chicken coop and before you know you are eating eggs that are so much better. Arrrg, the leaf cutters are eating all the new plants, you spray and spray then one day you pass a booth selling all kinds of birds and chickens and oh, oh, are those guineas???? Yep they sure are and you take a couple home and in a few days you notice no leaf cutter ants, the guineas have cleaned them up. You finally decide the bush/trees, the golden dewdrops (that were planted fro wind breaks), aren’t growing as fast as they were said to grow so you see your neighbors have nice bush/trees and ask what they are and before you know it you have planted 50 Mapolas and several Trueno bush/trees hoping they will eventually shield the dewdrops (as wind breaks) and all of them attract hummers, butterflies and birds. Oh, of course there is the garden you keep doing things with, 5 minutes here a half hour there. You know the story of Miss Kitty and Daniel and Aly who now also take some time. Today as I have been trying to do when the weather is nice I grab a cup of coffee and sit in the backyard at sunup and just watch all the antics of the cats/kittens, the chickens and the yard clowns, the guineas. Of course while watching, this cat or one of the others comes for some lap time and scratches. Oh yeah, I also am feeding the fermented chicken feed which doesn’t take but maybe 15 extra minutes to fix and feed. Then you run to the clinic, go to town to fill prescriptions at the hospital or the CCSS pharmacy, stop by the vets place where you were told might have the heat lamps and shields you are looking for to use when the new chicks arrive (setting up an area in the coop as a brooder), nope don’t have those but we have some fertile quail so you bring home a pair of those and another plant. Oops, forgot that you moved the spinach plants that you got from your friend, Trish, and planted them in their own raised bed so they drain well (lots of rain) while I redo the garden. And so it goes, retired???? from what, oh yeah from that work-work thing, but not from the pleasure of living and for those like me always tinkering with something or planting, so much to do so little time!
Oh, this and the photo above shows Miss Kitty and the little stool she has claimed for herself. I had used the stool to stand on to get something down and had set it by the door till I was to put it away later. Well when I went to put it away Miss Kitty was sitting in it so I let it set for a while longer. The next time I thought of putting it away she was asleep on top of it. Then I notice that when I went in the kitchen to cook or whatever, she was either in or on top of the stool so it was decided that it should be left there as her very own special place (we have another stool). It is also good that when she is on the top it is easy to reach down and give her pets. 

  As always there is a time for sitting too. We don't just go and go, we stop and sit a spell (oops, just had to run out to the coop one on the new keets was out of the brooder area and hollering its little head off), perhaps to do as I am doing now, putting something in my blog (needs more new photos doesn't it?) or emailing folks about this or that. It is what I love about being retired, I do as I want, when I want and with those I share my life with. I put work-work behind me, what I do now isn't work-work, it is pleasure, it is Pura Vida, the attitude of enjoying life.

So much to do so little time!

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