Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another awesome morning in our paradise!

I was setting outside with my morning coffee and thought that I needed to take some pictures of an awesome morning. We’ve had several bright sunny mornings, this one was just begging to be shared soooo. . . . . .

This is about 630AM looking East-North-East thru the fence. Still some ground fog in the valley.

Of course I had to have a proper "director" to make sure I took good photos. This would facing almost be due North.

This butter fly bush is doing very good (hard to see the purple blossoms). It also attracts humming birds. The larger our trees get the more butter flies and hummers will visit us. The golden dewdrops are having more and more blossoms and berries. I keep watching to see if any birds are attracted to eat the berries.

This Trueno tree was planted about 2 weeks ago, it has grown at least 6”, it is growing fast as I was told it should. Notice the blossoms on the left side of the photo from the Ray de la Noche (queen of the night).

These Mapolas trees are the same age as the Trueno tree but haven’t started their growing spurt yet. I’m guessing they are busy putting down roots a then look out, they are supposed to grow faster than the Trueno. Of course one of the other "directors" had to make sure of things. I now have 5 cats that follow me around the yard.

These elephant ears were planted less than 2 weeks ago, the cages will be taken away as soon as they are big enough to not be damaged by the chickens. The yellow rope on the left side goes to the Moringa tree.

In Caroline’s area I did a raised bed to keep this spinach from drowning, not sure what kind it is, the plants were given to me by Trisha, a friend.

More blocks for raised beds are being placed around for plants that can’t stand to have wet feet. Notice the white chairs next to the wall where we sit for that morning coffee.

I got more different flowers here than I wanted which is the one in the center, forgot the name. I’ll have to look it up again.

We didn’t know we had a white rose but it is busy showing off its blossoms. They were so heavy with dew I had to prop them up to take a photo.

This new lemon mint is growing fast, I need to take some cuttings for Trisha.

This red hibiscus is almost 4’ tall, it is very happy where it is planted.

The Moringa tree is getting clusters of new leaves after there were so many blown off by the strong winds a couple of weeks ago. I had to put a rope from up as high as I could reach with my small ladder over to the clothes line post to keep the strong wind from possibly causing it to fall over, the rope is hard to see, it is yellow, you can see it in the photo of the elephant ears.

I will take more photos of area and animals and post them. 

Please let me know what things I might take photos of, should I talk about the photos more or . . . . . I hope for some of my friends in the dry North that these photos bring some joy as they are meant too.

 Now it is time to get ready to visit the newly remodeled Angel Valley B&B for its grand opening, perhaps I’ll add a photo or two in my next posting.

So much to do so little time! 

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