Saturday, September 8, 2012

Major 7.6 quake delays posting!

Most folks already know that Costa Rica has had a major earth quake. For those that didn't know it was Wednesday morning at 8:42AM. There have been over 700 aftershocks. There was major ground movement, the ground near the epicenter rose over a meter. We were sitting outside in back talking about how well things were doing in the raised beds when it started. It kept building and building, I got up a staggered to the enclosure for the garden and hung onto the end post and the door to keep from falling. Caroline came up behind and hung onto me. The shaker lasted over a minute and a half here, it gave me time to look around and see what was happening, the ground was moving like waves of water, them being at least a foot high. Our home was swaying back and forth and so were the new trees, I thought they were going to fall over. Miss Kitty and the kittens were trying to figure out where to go but they were getting tossed around. It was interesting to be able to see what was going on, do I want to see that again, noooooooooo way! That was the most movement we've ever experienced, Caroline was born in California. A funny thing was I don't remember hearing a sound, perhaps it was because my heart was pounding so hard. We came thru OK, there was some glassware breakage and things moved around a lot. Two TVs fell over but the main one is OK while my little one now has lines in 3 places going from top to bottom, it may last, who knows. Three of our cats disappeared for 5 hours. Did the animals warn us, nope, not a word. 
  Sometime this week I will get up a new post, it has taken a few days for this ol' guy to settle down. Here are some photos of things that fell or moved.
Stuff fell out of the pantry.
There were things that fell of the shelves in the laundry room. The stacked washer and dryer didn't move, neither did the chest freezer.
The TV fell over backwards but seems to be fine. the entertainment center didn't move.
Lots of things fell out of the entertainment center.
I had some wood drying in the sun room, the cat shelf saved the window.
The saw Caroline uses to cut fire wood ended up outside of the wood shed on the ground, still works though. My drill press also fell off my work bench in the car port.
Some of the wood in the wood shed is ready to fall, my electric chain saw fell but it landed in saw dust, no problem.

We have only felt one aftershock, no complaints though. It seems that there was damage coast to coast. 

Folks I'll get some more photos of the yard plants and get busy on the water system, till then, Tickle it with a hoe and it will laugh into a garden....


 I thought perhaps you didn't know where the epicenter was. I had to enlarge this picture so it is a little blurry.Our home is to the right, about center of the picture you see the town of Alajuela (a little north west of San Jose), our home is about where the "A" is.

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