Sunday, September 26, 2010

It was a long week, it was a good week, it was a sad week!

This was one of those weeks that was good then ended up sad. One morning I was running in and out getting ready to go a get some compost with my trailer, I stopped and grabbed a cup of coffee and didn't close the front gate, my mistake cost Bella (our dog) her life, she had never gone out the gate till then. My wife really took it hard.

The garden really came along great. I got behind with my days end posting then the week was over. I will post all of the weeks work and just note then by days.

Day 6
The block work is done, the seat framing started.

Just to give you a good idea of how well the seat will be strengthened by the rebar. if this seat gives way it won't be from people sitting on it.

Just an early morning view to the northwest from our back yard.

Day 7

Juan hard at work putting the finishing touches on the cement.
Juan hamming it up a little. The feathered inspector crew making sure everything is up to scratch.

The cement work is finished. The day we went to get the compost the cement was 48 hours old so Juan though he would pull the forms off, the wet weather we've had has slowed the cue down so much that it was still to green to remove the forms.

A look to the northeast gives a view of the soccer field next to our yard. you can barely make out the goal on this end, it is the two upright pipes to the left of the centered fence post, hard to see.

Tomorrow, Monday, the rest of the forms come off and we'll start filling the garden with the compost. I'll have to keep it covered till the roof goes up.
Juan works for others in our neighborhood so he isn't here every day. the day after the cement work was done we went for the compost. Friday he worked (free) at the school close to his home where his daughter attends.

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