Monday, September 27, 2010

A Rainy Monday For A Good Day 8

Monday started off like all days of late, rained most of the night. Juan arrived at 7AM for coffee and to discuss what we would do for the day. His brother-in-law had some one month old puppies of which we were ready to adopt 2 as they were from medium sized parents but it wasn't to be, Juan called and they were all spoken for. Before we started anything else Juan wanted to pull the forms off the cement seats to make sure that was all set. He will plaster (with cement and fine sand) the exterior of the block when the is a sunny day.
Here is the final results, basically the garden is done. You can see the results of last nights rain and it isn't over yet. Someone said we've had over 17" of rain so far this month. The creek on the way to town has the most mud in it I have ever seen.

Here is the start of the filling, the first 10 bags is composted sugar cane after the sugar has been extracted. It is not only an excellent product but it is very reasonable in price. Another great thing, no weed seeds. I will be going back for more of this good "abono" (Spanish for compost).

Here are the bags of the toping for the garden. this is bags of well composted cow manure. It is black and has virtually no smell, the main thing is it doesn't smell like manure and won't attract flies. A few blocks left over, at $.45 each in quantity they can set there till needed. Order any less and the price jumps a lot.

When we were at Juan's sister-in-laws, Gisele, the other day she took us to her neighbor's place where she had many bantam chickens that Juan was interested in getting. I told Caroline about them, "oh, I want a pair", so here they are. Why are they in a cage in the coop, the answer follows.

When we got back to Gisele's home she said that we should go to this other neighbors just down the street as she has some really special ones. Now we have two pair, these Silkies are real mellow. The other rooster crows a lot and is just as loud as a regular size chicken. Actually I don't mind as long as it isn't 2AM when he goes off. I particularly wanted the Silkies as the hens are excellent brood hens which when we get ready for new egg layers she will get the job of sitting on several eggs and hatching them out. Even thou they are mellow I understand when she has chicks she will be a ferrous mama.

I consider this to be the start of a very good week, if the rain will give us a break then the whole week should be a "gooder". Just got a pone call from the coffee co-op. my abono is ready for me to pick that up tomorrow. The week just got "gooder".

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